Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Erin Ashley is special guest !

Erin Ashley will be appearing as a very special guest at my show
Famous Hits Band Live! at St James Gate in Belmont, CA
Friday night August 8th, 2014 Free if before 9pm; must be 21.
Outside stage: Medicine Road

I say I’m from Nashville but actually I lived in a little town outside Knoxville called Sevierville, Tennessee for a large part of my teenage life. But I was born and raised a California beach blond, right here in the San Francisco bay area. My father recently passed away which lead me to relocate back to the west coast. Now I’m a southern bell stuck between rock-n-roll and country in Tracy! I’m a single mom who doesn’t date. But I sing all day long like a bird in a golden cage. With everything thing I’ve been through, I’m writing a book; you can catch the fables in my songs; it comes out in my performance on stage. Don’t ask me how, just ask me-why?
Contact: Rich Varrasso 510-792-8910

Facebook: Erin Matthews