Thursday, June 20, 2019

Celebrity Chef Brings In Money For NFL Children's Charities

On Monday I was the CELEBRITY CHEF at the NFL Alumni Golf tournament in the Hayward Hill
honoring football great, Daryle Lamonica. The TPC Stonebrae course on the crest of the east bay hills
has fabulous greens and a breathtaking view of the entire Bay Area. Playing for the Dennis Sanfilippo
group was Ted Sanchez and Danny Zezzo (who later was the auctioneer) along with pro Keith Millard
from the Minnesota Vikings.
During the dinner, I was allowed to describe my Lasagna Dinner and crack a couple jokes with Lamonica.
Zezzo jacked up the auction and the 8 person full course dinner offering received a whopping $400 from
a generous family from Woodside. I was very happy with the outcome and great support for the club and
promise to make the dinner a spectacular party! And thanks to Jesse Battle for a great sound system!

Photo: RV and
Daryle Lamonica

Thursday, June 13, 2019


Calaveras county land holder, lottery winner and filmmaker Dennis Sanfilippo
recently announced the closure of Nashville country music label Big 7 Records
and digital D7 Sounds LLC worldwide music production out of Copperopolis
to turn all assets, catalog and benefits over to a new Calaveras county nonprofit
organization called the Creative Community Cooperative.
Concentrating on filmmaking, he is in production of his second film “Rough Boys”,
produced here in Calaveras county starring local blues celebrity Charlie Brechtel.
His first silver screen release “Rebel on the Highway” was partially filmed on one of
his larger ranches on Pool Station Rd and in Lake Tulloch’s finest lakefront home.
Local actors, producers and staff were used.
Rich Varrasso, who managed the Big7 musical affairs is now renamed
Executive Director of the new community networking NPO Trade Board.
Turning old record company assets into a new Creative Community will not only
benefit the local gig economy (musicians, artists, actors, producers and support)
but also allow world-wide market access through digital technology brought here
to the county.
“We need to make films and produce our own music scene here in the Motherlode,
there are so many talented folks to be promoted.” claimed Varrasso about the newly
formed chamber of talent.
The Creative Community Cooperative has a new website and they are offering a FREE
2019 Copper Membership while things are coming together. Unlike most other business
associations, the Creative Community will be Cooperative. And that’s the promise.
Official break-out August 1st 2019.