Saturday, October 18, 2014

Dr Tequila Interview Airs on Famous Hits Live on Live365

Dr Tequila's RX for FUN will be running at 8pm PST everyday next week starting tomorrow.
This is a 1 1/2 hour interview with Richie Barron along with his new music on Dr Tequila's Perscription For Fun.
You can catch my show at on your computer
or load the Live365 APP on your smartphone and set FAMOUS HITS LIVE as a preset !!!

Rich and Rich on the Sacramento River

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Erin Ashley is special guest !

Erin Ashley will be appearing as a very special guest at my show
Famous Hits Band Live! at St James Gate in Belmont, CA
Friday night August 8th, 2014 Free if before 9pm; must be 21.
Outside stage: Medicine Road

I say I’m from Nashville but actually I lived in a little town outside Knoxville called Sevierville, Tennessee for a large part of my teenage life. But I was born and raised a California beach blond, right here in the San Francisco bay area. My father recently passed away which lead me to relocate back to the west coast. Now I’m a southern bell stuck between rock-n-roll and country in Tracy! I’m a single mom who doesn’t date. But I sing all day long like a bird in a golden cage. With everything thing I’ve been through, I’m writing a book; you can catch the fables in my songs; it comes out in my performance on stage. Don’t ask me how, just ask me-why?
Contact: Rich Varrasso 510-792-8910

Facebook: Erin Matthews

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Famous Hits Band gig August 8th!

Rich Varrasso’s FAMOUS HITS BAND will be appearing at St James Gate in Belmont Friday night August 8th, 2014. This band is ever fluctuating with famous musicians from famous bands and the jams can go anywhere because we don’t use a set list. We play all night inside by the dance floor. Medicine Road from Boulder Creek will take the outside stage in between and the patio bar will be open to party. The kitchen has a great Pub menu, so come early to eat. Admission is FREE if before 9pm; you must be 21.

Friday, July 4, 2014

July 4th

Happy Independence Day- July 4th. We are celebrating our liberation and freedom. Enjoy it- while it is wearing thinner right before our eyes! Hold it sacred and remember what it means. And the best thing we all can do is "think about it"!!!
Be safe and blow your minds on Rich and Felix

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Father's Day surprise

Happy Fathers Day!

For Father's day 2014, my dear friend Ruth has re-upholstered my favorite sleek and sliding office chair that was tattered and beat from years of rolling around behind my wooden teacher's desk. Now it is better than new because it was fixed with love, out of material that has little guitars on it! I absolutely love it and it will remain my ultra favorite office chair in the whole wide world! I should have taken a picture of the beast before, but Ruth did the deed late at night so as to surprise me! Another blessing of affection. Thank you to Ruth and to Felix for not telling me... what a great Father's Day !!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

12 years at the Frog Jumps...

This year marks the 12th year my band FAMOUS HITS has played the outpost gig of the Calaveras county's annual Frog Jump festival and fair at the Red Brick Inn next to Black Bart's Motel in the historic town of San Andreas. The Top Hatters are hosting a bike run event there on Main Street all day and the Henchmen are always there; all bike clubs are welcome so it's a party! I invite you all to come check out all the places in the county including Lake Tulloch, The Nugget Bar and Loruccio's Italian restaurant.
There is nothing tie die about this gig; it's black leather; loud rock music and dancing yer ass off!
For this show I like to use the scariest poster I have, my favorite from Mike Surles......


Friday, April 11, 2014

Sunrise in India

Here is the rising sun of India. Symbolic of all the new business relationships and new friends I have made here. It's my last day here. I have great stories. More to come .....

Monday, March 31, 2014

Swap meet


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Gold Panning Camp this summer...

Gold Panning Camp >>

We organize a gold panning camp including overnight stays, sing around the camp fire, great outdoor meals, and a day full of panning for your fortune in gold!
Run by Nugget Nick and Sausy Sophia, you’ll be finding gold flakes in no time!​

For over 25 years Calavares River Quarry has been know for its gold ore, large tailings and prime river rock gravel. Now offered as an exciting variety of gold mining adventures and river side camping. We will share the real secrets of successful prospecting. The gold is in the river, panners have taken out ounces of gold from the one hole at our Gold Panning Camp.
Whether you are a family looking for a fun and interesting way to spend a few days on your way to Yosemite, a real adventurer, seeking the true secrets to successful prospecting, or a group organize, planning your next tour. we have the right place for you.
Be our guest, come to Jenny Lind, live the dream and take home some gold.

 This old mining town, located on the banks of the Calaveras River, started out as a rich camp back in the early 1850’s. The river received its name from Gabriel Moraga who visited the region in 1806. Believed to be the first white man to enter what is now Calaveras County, he found many skulls along the banks of the river below San Andreas, prompting him to call it Calaveras, meaning “skulls” in Spanish. The river was rich and was widely worked during the Gold Rush. Placering, hydraulic mining, and dredging all took place in this area.
      Within a year the population of the camp was well over four hundred, a large number of the miners being Mexican and Chinese. The town had four general stores, two billiard halls, a bowling alley, smithy, post office, two hotels, saloons, churches and many homes. Being on the main road from Stockton, it was also an important freighting center for the area.
      Several accounts of how the town was named exist, but no one really knows which one is true. Did the famous Swedish singer, Jenny Lind, really tour California during her American visit? (No) The “Swedish Nightingale,” Jenny Lind, did tour the eastern cities in 1850-1852, managed by the great P. T. Barnum. Her tour created a furor of excitement throughout America and her name became famous across the country. The camp was most likely named in her honor, even though she never set foot in California.
      Jenny Lind is located twelve miles south of Valley Springs via Hwy 26

We have the best gold panning spot in the California motherlode.
Years of gold mining on this private property has proved the location is prime and there is still "gold in them hills" Contact us for your special trip into the past of the 49er's and come out with a vial of gold dust and hand bag of memories!

Managed by Richard Varrasso for Dennis Sanfilippo     510-792-8910

Tae Kwon Do is good for FELIX!

My son, Felix, has been taking Tae Kwon Do from Grand Master Park since before Halloween. The other night I came in early to pick Felix up but just in time to see him perform before the Grand Master. I was so touched; he has shown marked improvements in posture and attitude in only a few months. Until now he thought it was all fun and games but it has also become work and concentration- something his Dad readily endorses! Felix is now writing his own Italian cookbook for kids and we started a kickstarter program to produce a video. His self esteem is amazing and I'm looking for it to transfer into better academics, too! I think it is a great program for kids and I like the principles behind it. My good friend Mike in Sonora told me to seek this guy out, for he was truly the Grand Master !!! Rich Varrasso

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Felix launches kickstarter program

My son Felix has just launched his first campaign with to fund his production for making a pilot tv video based on cooking for kids. You can get to his special website page by finding the link on home page. I am so proud of him! He is a big ham and a great cook. Check him out!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

R.I.P. Cisco



It is to all our dismay that Cisco, long time president of the Oakland Hells Angels, has passed away. 
The viewing will be at CP Bannon’s in Oakland on Friday, February 21st 6 to 8pm. 
The funeral will then take place at the clubhouse Saturday morning starting at 10am. 
In lieu of flowers, you can make a donation to the “Oakland Hells Angels” 
sent directly to the club at 4019 Foothill Blvd. Oakland. CA 94601 
Also, please help by signing the petition on to allow visas for off shore friends and family to gain Visas to attend the funeral. 
Here is the link:  Petition to allow Visas

Friday, January 24, 2014

Hakkasan Las Vegas

Matches from the world class Hakkasan Night Club in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Total VIP rockstar entrance for me and my guys from Persistent Systems (while attending CES) thanks to Neal Harris and Nikki Nicole. This is the top drawer disco, our comped table would have cost $5k and each bottle $500. The mix was free! Pounding dance music, very tight mini skirts, and an array of shoes kept us busy and highly entertained. This was another legendary Richie V story they can take back to India! We could have got a photo with Britney Spears but it would have cost $10,000! It all stays in Vegas.....