Friday, November 20, 2015

Animal Years in New York City...

The Root-rocking band, Animal Years performed on November 17th, at Rough Trade NYC. They celebrated their new single, “Give It Up.” and featured their previous single "The Sun Will Rise." in their set enjoyed by my son, Richie, who is now working in New York and went to their gig. He said these guys were on the mark for a new band; we should be seeing a lot more from this ensemble! For a taste of their sound, check out their last video, “Forget What They’re Telling You,” starring Bailey Noble (True Blood) and tune into my show at to hear their songs in my current playlist. They sure have some great publicists, other bands should watch how these guys climb the ladder of success. I can hear them from here! Animal Years in New York City...

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Every time I give MicroSoft a chance, I hate them even more! DO NOT load MS v10 even if they give it for free. My desktop (fairly new) couldn't handle it, had to call them 3 times, finally went backwards to 8.1 and it's still messed up. The new IE "edge" sucks, I don't like it and it holds your machine hostage and won't let you download Firefox or Chrome. I HATE MicroSoft, their shit has never worked right since the very beginning ( which I was there from the start). They need to get it right after all the money they soaked us all these years. DO NOT LOAD WINDOWS 10 !!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

D7 sounds

​D7 Sounds Uses Internet Radio for Blues Legend Deacon Jones’ Premier Worldwide Release

COPPEROPOLIS, Calif., August 18, 2015 -- Newly formed California-based custom label, D7 Sounds (LLC), released its first musical artist to the worldwide digital market alongside its network of curated Internet radio stations.

The first three albums are properties by blues legend Deacon Jones that include featured megastars Gregg Allman, Eddie Money, Elvin Bishop, Dr. John, Lydia Pense, John Lee Hooker and others.

Alchemy Entertainment is now booking the Deacon Jones worldwide tour that includes Europe, Africa and South America.

D7 Sounds plays Deacon’s songs on some of its custom curated Internet radio stations that include San Francisco's Famous Hits Live, BAM Radio including KSAN Jive95, San Jose’s KOME, Boulder Mountain Sound curated by Dennis Constantine, Captain Jack's Renegade Radio Nashville and Eddie Money's Blast From The Past.

Our slogan is “We Sell Sounds Not Records,” says D7 general manager Richard Varrasso, a veteran of the entertainment industry. “With a mix of good artists and great radio we can get the music straight to the people.”

D7's next release will feature Eddie Money and Vince Gill singing a country version of “Two Tickets To Paradise”.

For more information, go to 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Selling Sounds Not Records

Industry veteran Richard Varrasso and California Lottery winner, Dennis Sanfilippo have resigned their executive positions with Big 7 Records to form a new digital record label - D7 Sounds LLC. First releases include cuts from mega artists John Lee Hooker, Gregg Allman, Eddie Money, Lydia Pense, Buddy Miles, Elvin Bishop, Katie Webster, Deacon Jones and others. An all genre effort covering from blues to country, D7 Sounds will release all intellectual properties digitally worldwide. “We sell sounds, not records” said Varrasso, who has label experience dating back to Beserkley Records. New artists will be released next year after this year’s string of hits that have been awaiting attention in Sanflippo’s vault of music gems. Go to