Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Filling the Old Chamber's Shoes...

Teaching New Dogs Old Tricks? Well, Move Over Rover !!!

OMG! I couldn't believe the downward transition at the Calaveras County Chamber of Commerce State of the County breakfast at the Metropolitan in San Andreas this September. ( See video

The powerful and magnificent Staci Johnston, who jumped ship for a much better gig, showed off her public speaking skills and consummate networking abilities by sparking off the meeting with a high energy, slick introduction and a quick good-bye for her last appearance in the Old Chamber's forum.
Her legacy is reputed to have taken the Chamber from duck races to the magnitude it is now, even under the scrutiny of its present board. She was applauded by the entire county work force and it brought tears to her eyes. I was so happy for her; she is a genuine leader.

Then, watching a well articulated speech by the Chamber Board's president, Mark Luster, he stated "after a long exhaustive search of every possible candidate (of which I was one) they finally found the "Perfect" replacement for the position of Chief Executive Officer of the County's Chamber" and then introduced a fresh out of college, entry level, non-experienced replacement. This freshman can no way fill Staci's shoes, the learning curve will take her years.

When Mark Luster told me he didn't think I was a good match for the Chamber, claiming he wanted to take it "in a different direction". Even my crystal ball couldn't forecast it was straight DOWN! I had to move swiftly. Chamber membership is only 7% of business license holders. Lot's of opportunity! When asked about industries that thrive here, Realtors were overlooked. But they are salt of our industry and huge indicators of business development.
So within several weeks, I started a NEW Chamber of Commerce! The Creative Community Cooperative, a non-profit digital organization based on enhancing and engaging the community into the middle with love, compassion and abundant information. This immediately puts the Old Chamber on check. They are starting afresh in the shadow of Staci's towering legacy with a Board president who just took all the Chamber's good will, tangible assets, and hard work and placed them in a freshman's hands. And moreover, incubating my new digital Chamber that, by virtue, made his the Old Chamber forever. Move Over Rover!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Celebrity Chef Brings In Money For NFL Children's Charities

On Monday I was the CELEBRITY CHEF at the NFL Alumni Golf tournament in the Hayward Hill
honoring football great, Daryle Lamonica. The TPC Stonebrae course on the crest of the east bay hills
has fabulous greens and a breathtaking view of the entire Bay Area. Playing for the Dennis Sanfilippo
group was Ted Sanchez and Danny Zezzo (who later was the auctioneer) along with pro Keith Millard
from the Minnesota Vikings.
During the dinner, I was allowed to describe my Lasagna Dinner and crack a couple jokes with Lamonica.
Zezzo jacked up the auction and the 8 person full course dinner offering received a whopping $400 from
a generous family from Woodside. I was very happy with the outcome and great support for the club and
promise to make the dinner a spectacular party! And thanks to Jesse Battle for a great sound system!

Photo: RV and
Daryle Lamonica

Thursday, June 13, 2019


Calaveras county land holder, lottery winner and filmmaker Dennis Sanfilippo
recently announced the closure of Nashville country music label Big 7 Records
and digital D7 Sounds LLC worldwide music production out of Copperopolis
to turn all assets, catalog and benefits over to a new Calaveras county nonprofit
organization called the Creative Community Cooperative.
Concentrating on filmmaking, he is in production of his second film “Rough Boys”,
produced here in Calaveras county starring local blues celebrity Charlie Brechtel.
His first silver screen release “Rebel on the Highway” was partially filmed on one of
his larger ranches on Pool Station Rd and in Lake Tulloch’s finest lakefront home.
Local actors, producers and staff were used.
Rich Varrasso, who managed the Big7 musical affairs is now renamed
Executive Director of the new community networking NPO Trade Board.
Turning old record company assets into a new Creative Community will not only
benefit the local gig economy (musicians, artists, actors, producers and support)
but also allow world-wide market access through digital technology brought here
to the county.
“We need to make films and produce our own music scene here in the Motherlode,
there are so many talented folks to be promoted.” claimed Varrasso about the newly
formed chamber of talent.
The Creative Community Cooperative has a new website and they are offering a FREE
2019 Copper Membership while things are coming together. Unlike most other business
associations, the Creative Community will be Cooperative. And that’s the promise.
Official break-out August 1st 2019.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

DAY ON THE GREEN is back !!!

I would like to announce my participation in the NEW “Day On The Green” series presented by Got Live Entertainment. The original D.O.G concerts are now a generation and a half in our past but memories of the realities of tackling the huge crowd on the green to see the iconic bands was a definite mark on our modern culture. The event’s iconic baton skipped over another planet to land in the lap of local radio broadcaster and concert promoter, Wayne Coy.
Coy trademarked the Brand, started Got Live Entertainment in an office next to KKIQ, and scheduled the first of the new series of concerts on September 10th at the Cal State Hayward Pioneer Stadium. Besides helping to run the production day of show, I will also be part of the marketing team to promote the concert. You will be hearing more about the visions and plans Wayne has for this and more Days On The Green. Stay tuned and please support this first event!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Animal Years in New York City...

The Root-rocking band, Animal Years performed on November 17th, at Rough Trade NYC. They celebrated their new single, “Give It Up.” and featured their previous single "The Sun Will Rise." in their set enjoyed by my son, Richie, who is now working in New York and went to their gig. He said these guys were on the mark for a new band; we should be seeing a lot more from this ensemble! For a taste of their sound, check out their last video, “Forget What They’re Telling You,” starring Bailey Noble (True Blood) and tune into my show at to hear their songs in my current playlist. They sure have some great publicists, other bands should watch how these guys climb the ladder of success. I can hear them from here! Animal Years in New York City...

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Every time I give MicroSoft a chance, I hate them even more! DO NOT load MS v10 even if they give it for free. My desktop (fairly new) couldn't handle it, had to call them 3 times, finally went backwards to 8.1 and it's still messed up. The new IE "edge" sucks, I don't like it and it holds your machine hostage and won't let you download Firefox or Chrome. I HATE MicroSoft, their shit has never worked right since the very beginning ( which I was there from the start). They need to get it right after all the money they soaked us all these years. DO NOT LOAD WINDOWS 10 !!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

D7 sounds

​D7 Sounds Uses Internet Radio for Blues Legend Deacon Jones’ Premier Worldwide Release

COPPEROPOLIS, Calif., August 18, 2015 -- Newly formed California-based custom label, D7 Sounds (LLC), released its first musical artist to the worldwide digital market alongside its network of curated Internet radio stations.

The first three albums are properties by blues legend Deacon Jones that include featured megastars Gregg Allman, Eddie Money, Elvin Bishop, Dr. John, Lydia Pense, John Lee Hooker and others.

Alchemy Entertainment is now booking the Deacon Jones worldwide tour that includes Europe, Africa and South America.

D7 Sounds plays Deacon’s songs on some of its custom curated Internet radio stations that include San Francisco's Famous Hits Live, BAM Radio including KSAN Jive95, San Jose’s KOME, Boulder Mountain Sound curated by Dennis Constantine, Captain Jack's Renegade Radio Nashville and Eddie Money's Blast From The Past.

Our slogan is “We Sell Sounds Not Records,” says D7 general manager Richard Varrasso, a veteran of the entertainment industry. “With a mix of good artists and great radio we can get the music straight to the people.”

D7's next release will feature Eddie Money and Vince Gill singing a country version of “Two Tickets To Paradise”.

For more information, go to