Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Filling the Old Chamber's Shoes...

Teaching New Dogs Old Tricks? Well, Move Over Rover !!!

OMG! I couldn't believe the downward transition at the Calaveras County Chamber of Commerce State of the County breakfast at the Metropolitan in San Andreas this September. ( See video

The powerful and magnificent Staci Johnston, who jumped ship for a much better gig, showed off her public speaking skills and consummate networking abilities by sparking off the meeting with a high energy, slick introduction and a quick good-bye for her last appearance in the Old Chamber's forum.
Her legacy is reputed to have taken the Chamber from duck races to the magnitude it is now, even under the scrutiny of its present board. She was applauded by the entire county work force and it brought tears to her eyes. I was so happy for her; she is a genuine leader.

Then, watching a well articulated speech by the Chamber Board's president, Mark Luster, he stated "after a long exhaustive search of every possible candidate (of which I was one) they finally found the "Perfect" replacement for the position of Chief Executive Officer of the County's Chamber" and then introduced a fresh out of college, entry level, non-experienced replacement. This freshman can no way fill Staci's shoes, the learning curve will take her years.

When Mark Luster told me he didn't think I was a good match for the Chamber, claiming he wanted to take it "in a different direction". Even my crystal ball couldn't forecast it was straight DOWN! I had to move swiftly. Chamber membership is only 7% of business license holders. Lot's of opportunity! When asked about industries that thrive here, Realtors were overlooked. But they are salt of our industry and huge indicators of business development.
So within several weeks, I started a NEW Chamber of Commerce! The Creative Community Cooperative, a non-profit digital organization based on enhancing and engaging the community into the middle with love, compassion and abundant information. This immediately puts the Old Chamber on check. They are starting afresh in the shadow of Staci's towering legacy with a Board president who just took all the Chamber's good will, tangible assets, and hard work and placed them in a freshman's hands. And moreover, incubating my new digital Chamber that, by virtue, made his the Old Chamber forever. Move Over Rover!

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