Wednesday, May 7, 2014

12 years at the Frog Jumps...

This year marks the 12th year my band FAMOUS HITS has played the outpost gig of the Calaveras county's annual Frog Jump festival and fair at the Red Brick Inn next to Black Bart's Motel in the historic town of San Andreas. The Top Hatters are hosting a bike run event there on Main Street all day and the Henchmen are always there; all bike clubs are welcome so it's a party! I invite you all to come check out all the places in the county including Lake Tulloch, The Nugget Bar and Loruccio's Italian restaurant.
There is nothing tie die about this gig; it's black leather; loud rock music and dancing yer ass off!
For this show I like to use the scariest poster I have, my favorite from Mike Surles......


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